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Hand Split Flagging

Beautifully hand split flagging in either random OR rectangular pieces. The thickness varies from 50mm - 75mm and the flagging is palletized in 10m2 lots. Ideal for paving or cladding works. Please visit our gallery page for completed works images using our flagging or call our office for a quotation.

Sawn and Textured Flagging

Excavator sawn Flagging with a unique textured finish. This product is 40 - 70mm thick and ideal for paving and walling. We have lightly waterblasted the sandstone eliminating saw blade markings and also created a more natural textured appearance. This product gives a more "level" result and has an excellent slip rating.

Crazy Paving

Crazy Paving is always a big hit for pathways. Easy to lay and extremely effective. This product comes in 1m2 layers with the pattern already made out for you, saving you time which in turn saves you money. Available in 30mm thick and 50mm thick. Cement Grout the joints or get creative with pebbles or mondo grass!

Sandstone Ballast

Ideal for retaining walls, You can never get enough ballast! All our Ballasts are palletized on to pallets making for easy deliveries. Each pallet has a generous 5m2 of ballast. Sizes vary from 300 x 300 to 450 x 450mm.

Rockface Cladding

We are quickly becoming recognised as one of the leading suppliers of rockfaced cladding. Our rockfaced cladding beautifully replicates solid block work with its earthy yellow and brown tones. We cut to order, therefore most sizes can be produced. Common coarse heights are 250mm and 300mm and random lengths are most popular. Our cladding is 50mm thick on the bed plus the rockfacing (25/30mm)

Sandstone Pavers

There is no other paver which gives the same feeling as walking on Australian sandstone. The coarse grain, the texture and the tones all make Australian Sandstone the ideal choice of paver. Already millions of years old, sandstone is made to last. We cut to size so its just a matter of nominating your preferred dimension.

Hydrosplit Blocks

Hyrdosplit Blocks are commonly used for retaining walls. Our state of the art machinery accurately cuts each block to the required course height making for easy installation. We cut 250mm & 300mm high and approximately 150mm thick, random lengths. A lot of heavy lifting involved but well worth the effort!

Rustic Cladding

This product gives a great impact to any wall. Easy to install, only 30 - 40mm thick. It has split face with a sawn back. Random lengths and 90mm height. Rustic corners are also available.

Edging Capping

Capping is the perfect finish to any garden, fence or balcony. It's easy to lay and extremely attractive. The product comes by the Lineal Metre. Neatly packed on a pallet ready for delivery to your door. Price based on 50mm thick. 70mm thick also available, contact our office for sizes.

Bullnose Capping

Our quality bullnose capping is another very popular way to add a beautiful natural finish to your home or business. The above price is based on 50mm thick and 250 - 300mm wide. However there are various widths and thickness available contact our office for further information.

Sandstone Slabs

Natural Australian Sandstone Slabs. There is no other stone which gives the same feel as walking on Australian Sandstone. The coarse grain, the texture and the tones all make Australian Sandstone the ideal choice for your next project. We can cut to size so its just a matter of nominating your preferred dimension. Available in 40mm, 50mm, 75mm and 100mm thick.

Bob Cat Bucket Sized Boulders

This product is mainly used for retaining walls as it is a very heavy duty material with the added bonus of a great Australian look



Great for landscaping, feature walls, boundary fences and sub-divisional retaining walls. Various sizes available.

Large Rock

Also used for retaining walls, just larger than the Bob Cat sized Boulders. Add some Australian sandstone to your next project.


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