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How to Utilize Australian Sandstone in Modern Designs

If you want your architectural project to have a unique Australian look to it, using Australian sandstone is one way to go. This material has been used since colonial times, and it is a staple material you will see in the most iconic buildings and historical sites in the country. This timeless material has withstood the test of time, making it a suitable material even for contemporary civil, commercial, and residential architectural projects.

Why Australian Sandstone Is a Great Architecture Material

  • Customisable – Australian sandstone is a natural product, making it easy to transform into custom sizes and shapes. This characteristic makes it the perfect choice to bring unique designs to life.
  • Varied styles – Australian sandstone is an excellent material for contemporary designs. It offers various tones, banding patterns, and textures. Because of this wide range of options, it will not look too traditional or common.
  • Varied colours – You can use any colour that will suit your project, and each can be spectacular in their unique ways. There are banded varieties of white, brown, and pink, and unbanded selections of grey, yellow, gold, and cream. You can observe varieties in the shift and intensity of the sandstone colour. Some are bold and pronounced, which are perfect for turning any project into a design that will stand out.

How to Utilise It in Modern Architecture

Use as sandstone cladding

Use as sandstone walling

You can use this flexible material in the wall features of any residential, civil, landscaping, or commercial project. Once again, Australian sandstones can help you achieve warmth and character, thanks to its colour and texture.

Using sandstone blocks is common in government and restoration projects in Australia. It was used in Canberra’s War Memorial and most heritage buildings in Sydney as the foundation stone. It is also a great material to include in any landscaping design if you aim for a strong visual impact.

Any talented architect can create a stand-out wall feature using this natural stone.

Use as sandstone capping

Sandstone capping is using Australian sandstone on top of cladded sandstones as the final decoration. However, it functions more than a design. It also prevents water from directly staining the face of the wall.

In landscaping, sandstone capping is used in retaining walls, garden edging blocks, corners, and the ends of structures that utilise sandstone walls. Since it is customisable, it can easily fit any space. This affordable material makes any structure appear high-end without breaking your overall budget.


Australian sandstone is a beautiful and highly versatile material that will certainly last long and withstand the test of time. It is strong and can easily adapt to any environment. Even if it is a material that has been used since colonial times, it is a perfect fit for any contemporary architectural design.

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