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If you are looking for another great aesthetic addition to your house that will give it a desert-esque feel, or for an exquisite backyard addition, sandstone pavers are for you. Stones are always going to give a nice touch to a home, with its cozy and cold aesthetic that pairs well with wood. In Australia, more and more people are interested in sandstone tiles and blocks because of the environment that surrounds them.

Why Sandstone?

Darker coloured rocks are attractive to heat and can make a home very uncomfortable in the summer. With sandstone, you have the look and feel of being at the beach thanks to the sand-coloured nature of the material, which also is not as heat absorbent. Australian summers can get very hot, which is why having your backyard tiled with sandstone is a great way to beat the heat.

Not only does it feel better in the summer, but it also ages very well. They usually last a lifetime, and thanks to their porous nature, these stones store water in large amounts, meaning wet weather will just make it look better and better.

Another thing that is great about it is the ease of installation, durability and their varying dimensions. They are great additions to any home and can give it a vibe reminiscent to that of a beach house or a vacation home by the coast.

Landscaping Applications

Thanks to sandstone’s rich and natural aesthetic appeal, these are used greatly in landscape architecture. By creating walkways in gardens, pool decks, flooring, and even walls, this material is extremely dynamic.

One thing that looks extremely good is building a pool deck, as well as the entire pool surface out of sandstone to give the effect of being at the beach. Sandstone’s natural and organic look gives it an earthy feel and makes the house feel in line with the nature around it.

How To Maintain And Clean Sandstone?

Like all materials used for building, sandstone will stain eventually if left uncoated or unsealed. While the durability maintains, sealing the material will ensure that stains left on the surface will make cleaning the material easier. Depending on the application of sandstone, a different kind of sealant should be used to match the environment around it. With the many types of sealants available on the market, consult with your professional installer to determine which one is supposed to be used.

Cleaning is quite easy but be sure to stay away from abrasive cleaning products that contain alkaline, acids, bleach and ammonia, as these break down the sealers used for the product. When the sealer is gone, it loses its repellant nature. By utilizing neutral cleaners made for materials like sandstone and other kinds of household items that cannot handle abrasive chemicals, you will preserve the finish of sandstone tiles.

Before conducting a deep clean, be sure to sweep up any debris and mop up dirt stains as much as possible. This is when you prepare the cleaning solution by diluting these in water. Apply these chemicals gently using a mop, sponge, or a machine that scrubs well if you have one with you. Afterwards, rinse the chemicals off with clean water to ensure no residue gets left behind that can damage the coating.


Sandstone is an amazing material for a home, whether it be for the home itself or for the backyard and other highlighting elements. By giving your house a vacation home-esque touch, you can live the dream of soaking up the sun somewhere else while being in the comforts of your home. Maroota Sandstone Quarry is a premium sandstone products supplier in Sydney. We specialise in raw sandstone blocks carved and sourced directly from Australian soil and partner with designers to give homes a quality touch. Contact us to learn more about how our sandstone products can give your home the look you want.

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